This page contains spoilers pertaining to the main plot of the Stunt Vid series. Please, read at your own risk.

Stunt Vid 10 is the tenth and final installment in the main Stunt Vid series of videos, besides Stunt Vid 1. Stunt Vid 10 picks up one day after Stunt Vid 9's ending. There is no single centric character for this installment, as all characters will be featured heavily.

Dispatch, Agent A, kikiyama and Stuart Cool sit in silence in the station. Dispatch speaks up and reveals that The Pig's body disappeared, as well as any trace of the true culprit. While trying to figure out what to do, the entire Stunt Vid Crew walks into the station and everyone takes a seat.

Dispatch states that he is glad everyone can make it and they all discuss what to do about the issue. Everyone throws in their own opinions on what to do, and eventually Geoff butts in, suggesting that they attempt to summon The Wizard once again. Tim, Hunter, and Sam, who also now fully remember The Wizard, agree.

They do so, using the Book of Magic they first used to summon The Wizard. He appears in yet another form, ready to take orders. Upon explaining their situation, The Wizard hangs his head. He recognizes Tyler Irwin's name, as the two used to be partners. Together, the two used to save people with their intense magic. As time went on, Tyler Irwin started to grow bored of fighting for people, and instead took an interest in time manipulation. The Wizard states that he had a feeling TI may be behind the Westerly Serial Killings, but wanted to be wrong. He apologizes for not seeing it sooner.

The Wizard, taking responsibility for TI's actions, tells the group he will go forth and defeat Tyler Irwin once and for all. The Stunt Vid Crew joins him as they set off to find him.

Meanwhile, Dispatch, Agent A. and kikiyama stay back at the station to continue searching for information on TI.

Suddenly, The Pig, who was thought to be dead, walks in through the door. There is a shot of Agent A. making a suspicious face. Dispatch jumps up and hugs him. The Pig grins and pulls Dispatch off him, saying he is absolutely here to stay, in a strange, emotionless way.

It is revealed that The Pig's body has been in fact taken over by Tyler Irwin. TI in The Pig's body then knocks Dispatch to the ground and starts to taunt him and tell him about all of the bad thoughts The Pig had about him.

The Pig, alive inside of his brain, resists TI's killing of Dispatch. TI retreats into his own body, and The Pig survives.