This page contains spoilers pertaining to the main plot of the Stunt Vid series. Please, read at your own risk.

Stunt Vid 8 is the upcoming eighth installment in the main Stunt Vid series of videos. Its central character will be Brendan Hobso.

It is revealed that Detective B. and The Pig have teamed up and are currently investigating the Westerly Serial Killer on their own. Neither of them believe Agent A. to be the culprit, though nobody has seen Agent A. since he left.

Dispatch continues to investigate on his own, going on the strong assumption that Agent A. is the Westerly Serial Killer.

Sam is having a crisis searching for a reason to live, when Brendan steps in and tries to pretend to be his child. Sam is only confused and concerned about this, and eventually rejects the idea.

Everyone is killed, but this time is different. There is not a single person in the Stunt Vid Crew who is left alive.

There is only one person still around who could possibly be the killer, besides Agent A, but this individual has gone completely missing.

Meanwhile, Detective B. begins to remember much of what he had forgotten about his past, and eventually bids The Pig farewell, in order to seek out an old friend who he had not seen for a long while.

Dispatch visits The Pig and tells him of his assumptions about Agent A. The Pig blatantly tells Dispatch that he is wrong, and voices his opinion about who it is. With Dispatch still talking down to him, The Pig finally speaks up and yells at Dispatch for never believing in him, asking him to please trust him on this and not try to find Agent A.

Dispatch ultimately disagrees, and The Pig punches him out, going out on his own to seek the real culprit.